About Masala Kraft Cafe

Masala Kraft Cafe presents Indian cuisine with flair... by Bela Mehta

Twenty-five years of perfecting recipes in mastering the craft of Indian cooking were the precursor to fulfilling a dream.

Our dream... to run a Bombay bistro offering the savory treats of snack shops back home.

An enthusiastic desire to bring a true taste of India to our town emerged.

And so the plan began and the goal was set... to create a new-age cafe, blending the exotic experience of authentic Indian delicacies such as tasty toasted sandwiches, dosas and samosas in the comfort, convenience and ambiance of a contemporary setting.

Just as an artist paints from a palate of vibrant colors, our chefs create heavenly gourmet dishes from a colorful array of spices and herbs.

Allow yourself to be indulged in the art of spice... it will be an experience you will not forget!

We are delighted to be at your service...

And remember... your first visit will not be your last!

We're Open

  • Sunday - Thursday - 11 am - 9 pm
  • Friday & Saturday - 11 am - 10 pm

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(914) 722 4300